Thursday, May 31, 2012

bag essentials

1. iphone 2. DKNY wallet 3. candy style guide 4. jotdown notebook 5. asha 200 6. Loreal face powder 7. lipstick 8. F21 cateye sunnies 9. EB mascara/liquid eyeliner 10. tweezer 11. iphone charger 12. extra iphone case 13. earphones

- aiken - 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Sunday, May 20, 2012

gender play

i miss outfit posts here. well anyway, here's what i wore today, another casual sunday, an all-black ensemble which is usually not me. haha so i tone down the "morbid" look by wearing a ribbon ring and a pop of pink for my shoes. 
and oh, i'm up with something and i'm so excited about it. so until its final i'm not going to say anything about it. and i know this may sound corny but i don't want to jinx it. hahaha LMAO

p.s sorry for the bad quality of photos. was only using my phone. 

- aiken -


so how long has it been since my last post? (do the math haha) quite awhile. 
a lot of things happened from my hiatus. yes, i mean it. so be prepared for a lot of rantings in this post, i sure did miss blabbing in this lil blog of mine.
so imagine, i just got out of college (which was #1 on my bucket list for this year), like finally graduate with a degree which i actually almost didn't for a lot of reasons but hey, i did make it; finished our thesis and received our diplomas; finally reunited with my 2 h.s bestfriends whom i haven't seen in ages, although in a really not pleasing time of our lives; other not-school-related stuffs i'd either be enjoying my time being a home buddy, going to the beach since its summer, spending some quality time with ze fam bam and finally went to camotes island with my friends which was actually i think the only time i made time for them (we kinda planned this trip before graduation).
i guess that sums it up and other things are so irrelevant. 

and oh, i just recently signed up on instagram, so while i was on hiatus, i also made sure to post stuff there for my whereabouts. follow me @aikenaaxx :D
anyway, here are some of my photos.

- aiken - 
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