Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BTS | The Clothes Hunter

so... here are the bts of the shoot we did last sunday for our clothing line, the clothes hunter. 
had so much fun and so thankful for the help of my friends who really came over to our town to help me and adel with the shoot! :)) anyway, keep posted for the release of our first collection here
and so sorry i didn't have time to edit the photos. haha

models: Leigh Monique Galeos | El Michelle Lumanta | Grenica Ubas
HMUA: Alexandra Sol Go | Yenny Montesclaros
photographer: Mary Fel Lamparas
stylists: yours truly, Tresha Adele Sabordo | Yenny Montesclaros
accessories: Eresa Jobelle Cagampang


Monday, July 30, 2012

Out and About | Sunday 2pm

last week, i had a free day from review so i managed to see my friends and i think i have mentioned from my previous posts that i was going to see adele to plan a shoot for The Clothes Hunter - which by the way happened yesterday, i'll have a separate post for that. anyway, we met up at Sunday 2pm Cafe which is located at Sarrosa Hotel. the place wasn't big but was really cute with all those cute post-its on the wall and the shelves and all those cute books and magazines - where most of which i don't understand because they were korean.

i left my cam on my car because we went to the mall to meet our friends and watch a movie and we walked from the mall to have dinner at Simply J's Cafe which was really cool because i love walking these days. we also dropped by BonAppetea to have milk tea on our way back to the mall where i left my car. and lastly alexa treated us with gela ice cream before heading home.

imagine that? but no, i am not paid by all of them to promote their stores. haha it just so happened that my friends and i are forever hungry! :D

another free day tomorrow. what to do? :))

- aiken - 

Friday, July 27, 2012

OUTFIT: long story

photo by: adele

here's what i wore to the event i went to a couple of weeks ago. you can check my post here.
anyway, i'm keeping my post short this time coz i'm dog tired from planning/organizing some stuff and from review which is really exhausting my brain so i better hit the sack now. 
but before that, what do you think about my look? :)

top: random bazarre
maxi skirt: The Clothes Hunter
shoes: people are people
necklace: accessorize (gift)
ring: F21
bag: thrifted

- aiken -

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OUTFIT | walking crayola

this was what i wore during a fun shoot i did with my friends. you can check it from my post here or you can check adele's blog. moving on, i wore a very casual outfit, my favorite comfy ensemble, shorts and loose top. knowing i'd be moving around so here's what i got and i actually felt like a walking crayola! haha but of course the first picture was just a photo op. haha 
anyway, what are your plans for tomorrow guys? me? well since tomorrow's my free day, i'll prolly meet adele and some friends. :D

fringe top: DIY 
yellow shorts: F21
flats: F21 
boots: primadonna

what d'ya think?

- aiken -

Monday, July 23, 2012

Style Stalker | Who

well, one fact about me is that, i have a huge thing about style-stalking people. haha if you know what i mean. and right now, i find it interesting to post these pics i managed to stalk, google and saved on my phone. don't you just love her style? i mean, she can be whoever she wants to be. from being a little laid back to being glam rock chic! 

and oh. you must be wondering, why title her post with "who"? doesn't she know her? of course i do. don't forget, i stalk! haha its the ever dashing agyness deyn. and about the title, here comes the music video of her song with five o'clock heroes from the album bend to the breaks entitled "WHO" :))

p.s i think i might be doing this more often on my blog.

- aiken -

Sunday, July 22, 2012

overdue post | GARLAND

okay i know this post is way too delayed. i should've posted it a few months ago but the laziness in me just keeps creeping up. but as they say, better late than never.
anyway, this was our last garland ceremony (03|15|12) before we finally marched for our commencement. we still managed to came in for the event even if we were so so busy completing our requirements that morning knowing graduation was just a month away. yeah, i still can't believe how i managed my time and how i was able to keep up with all the stress! haha anyhoo, we had fun that night. so, i guess i shall leave you with the photos my friends and i managed to take.

on to my outfit. the top was my dress on my 18th birthday. i used it once so i thought i might wear it again as a top and paired it with black mullet skirt and JC inspired boots from primadonna.

top: people are people
mullet skirt: F21
boots: primadonna

- aiken -
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