Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Week

Last Holy Week, I spent quality time with my family. The entire week I haven't used my phone nor opened my laptop to surf the net! (YAY!) And I'm very proud of myself because of that, I never imagined myself endure a week not doing either of the two. Well I guess its something you have to sacrifice just for a week compared to what others have been through, right?

Anyway, if you commemorate the Holy Week, you have probably done some visita Iglesia, praying the rosary, and the like. Just like my family, we went to this place called Q Park. It's actually a vast and remote area, 200 hectares to be exact, that you have to endure trekking under the scorching heat of the sun just to reach the stations of the cross and their shrine. But anyway, it was all worth it because the place was so captivating. You guys should visit there if you have time, no entrance fee and you can have camping there with your friends and family! :)

My cousin's cute statement shirt!

with my mom :)

Sorry, this was the only descent picture I had.

me, feeding myself, AGAIN!

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- aiken -

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday

It's Sunday once again, which means I get to blog; especially for a busy student like me I don't get to blog as much as I want to. ha! :P Anyway, today is extra special especially for the Catholics 'cause its Palm Sunday.

This morning I ran errands for some school stuff. Yeah I know its Sunday and I should be home just sitting around and relax but things are different with this un-chosen (if you can find such word in the dictionary)course of mine. And speaking of school I have to go now 'cause I still have tons of things to finish.

Anyway let me just leave you with these photos. :) Have a happy and fruitful week ahead of you guys! :)

- aiken -

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Okay before you all start wondering who's outfit post you're about to see below, let me introduce you to my little sister. This was actually what she wore last weekend to her graduation ball but this photo was taken like a few weeks back when her dress arrived from the dressmaker. And the title post was their theme, I can't totally remember what the whole title theme was but it was something like fallen angels.


I've been wanting to make my own outfit post but I can't because of the lack of time and other than that this past two weeks all I've been wearing is my uniform for duty and my sleeping garments. If you wanna know why, well its because I'm on PM shift (2PM-10PM) for two weeks which means I get home at around 11 and when I get home I directly go to sleep and wake  up late the next morning and then go to duty again. Yeah that's how tiring my two weeks have been.

So for now let me just grab some sleep 'cause tomorrow's going to be a long day.

- aiken -

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, I was with friends (same old friends from my other posts :]) at SM Starbucks and guys to tell you honestly I'm not supposed to be there 'cause obviously I should be somewhere else (like on duty? hush!) but then I have to make my requirements which is due on Monday. There was actually less writing and more talking, laughing, eating and taking photos. So when I went home last night I was procrastinating in  getting them done so I slept late or early at around 4AM but no, I'm still not done. :(

This is my friend, Alexa, we actually had to tape her mouth 'cause she was so talkative when all of us were so busy with what we were doing. No, actually she did that to herself. HAHA love you lex! <3

I also received a free tutorial on photography from my dear friend, Mary Fel. Thanks day! xoxo :)(check out her blog too by clicking her name and tell me what you think about her photos)

Yes, you can say stripes was the theme of the day. Actually when Mariel (above) and I fetch Alexa from their house she was actually wearing black & white striped top just like Mariel's but she changed quickly when she saw what Mariel was wearing. HAHA

This was not actually what my shoes originally looked like. It was plain white. But my friend accidentally spilled her coffee on my left shoe. So we decided to do the same with the right shoe. HAHA what d'ya think?

Blue Striped Top: People Are People
Denim cut-offs: Thrifted

Sunday, April 3, 2011


These are a few of my favorite cropped denim shorts. I just simply love them 'cause they're so comfortable to wear and you can pair them with whatever you feel like, it may be flats, sneakers or killer heels.

(LiLo sporting her cropped hi waist denim shorts with white polo top and a Doc Martens.)

(Emma Watson wearing a leopard belt over her cropped and pockets-out denim shorts.)

Right now I'm just so stressed of the thought that I'll be on duty tomorrow and I'm way not ready for this yet (I guess I'll never be ready for anything school-related). There are a lot of requirements to comply and readings to make in preparation of our duty and just a little time to do 'em. Instead of me enjoying my summer break I'm stuck with my duty and my requirements that is why I'm making this short and quick blog post to relieve my stress and for me to take a deep breath from all these stressors!

- aiken - 

Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Midsummer Night's Dream

 with adele

matt and i

I know these photos are a few days late but allow me to share to you how our Garland Ceremony went out. The program itself wasn't that fun, the dinner was served late (leaving me and my friends starving). But knowing my classmates we found ways to save and rock the night. After everyone left the venue, we went up stage, dancing and singing our hearts out. Therefore the after party was so much fun.

So I wore an ecru venus cut dress I designed myself (got my inspiration from a friend's magazine). The brooch on my right shoulder was not actually part my dress it was just pinned to add an accent. (thanks adele for pinning it) :)

photo courtesy by: insensible anthropoid

- aiken -

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