Tuesday, October 25, 2011

part of me

okay, so this is a part of me, like really the private one that i'm about to share to you guys, my sketches. haha they're not beautiful, really 'cause i'm not a good artist, and one of the reason why i don't show these to anyone, only my close friends. most of these things are inspired from what i saw in fashion magazines and my favorite celebrities. so if you think those looked familiar to you, you've probably seen them in magazines. but anyway here they are. tell me what you think about them.

- aiken -

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blame it on the traffic

 there's no outfit post for today. actually these are just random shots i took (i used an itouch, so i guess that explains the poor quality of the photos) at a middle of a heavy afternoon traffic while i was driving my way home.  i was being resourceful i guess to snap some photos at a middle of a traffic. haha you can't blame me though 'cause i was all alone in the car with only the stereo on. if you were me, what would you do?

my L-O-V-E ring :)

yes, imagine how tired i was driving around the city with a heavy traffic. good thing i was very productive and resourceful! haha :D

well anyway, i've been feeling so tense for quite awhile already because of our thesis and right now my anxiety  has doubled or is 10x more because this thursday is our judgment day or our oral defense. i hope we'll pass this one (*fingers crossed). pray for us guys :)

- aiken - 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

love will save the day

Here's my song of the day: You Gotta Be by Des'ree

Listen as your day unfolds 
Challenge what the future holds 
Try and keep your head up to the sky 
Lovers, they may cause you tears 
Go ahead release your fears 
Stand up and be counted 
Don't be ashamed to cry 

 and here's what i wore two weeks ago at a day out with my sister. by the way its her birthday yesterday :) happy birthday sissy!

Monday, October 10, 2011

her wall of memories and style

last Saturday, october 8, 2011 was my dear friend's birthday, adele, the gorgeous person behind the lovely blog: wall of memories and style. and yes you might want to greet her a belated happy birthday, go ahead and visit her blog then, better late than never.

and last friday, an hour before her actual birthday, the whole gang went to her house (despite the heavy rain with all the thunders and lightning) to surprise her and greet her a happy birthday.

 went to Red Ribbon to grab some cake to complete the surprise.

cute statement printed on their wall.

 mariel, inday and alexa

the delicious ube cake

sneaking our way in to adele's room to sruprise her with the help of her parents! haha thanks tito and tita for letting us in :)

we serenaded the birthday girl with Nothing by The Script but after singing the chorus twice, she didn't seem to hear us after all (heavy sleeper eh?), we knocked, nobody opened until her mom opened her room with their spare key. haha and there she was with her earphones on. #tadaa surprise! :D 

yes, as you can see we went there with our pj's. haha  

goofin' around while preparing to leave for our midnight dinner :)

after serenading the birthday celebrant, her parents took us to this yummy pizza parlor near their house. they were opened til midnight but they were kind enough to let us in and served us. (thank youuuu so much tito and tita) 

while eating our late night dinner, Salt was airing on HBO.

well anyway thanks again del and to your parents :D

- aiken -

Sunday, October 2, 2011

cutter pillow

before my sister and i went out to meet our parents we took some photos at the apartment and there you see my epic fail look. haha :D

*the wonderwall*

*spot me*

so my parents went to this hardware called Cebu Home Builders to buy some stuff. since my sister and i got nothing to do inside the store, so we just strolled around and snap some photos. and if you're wondering about what the last photo above is all about, well when the driver of that hot car came out, my sister and i went gaga so the paparazzi-ish in me came out. haha

my mom enjoying her flavored tea :) 

after my parents bought everything that they needed from the hardware we hit the nearest pastry shop, fudge, featuring unique and authentic food, highlighting sinfully delicious desserts. unfortunately, it was a saturday so we were not able to eat their dessert buffet which is available only every monday-thursday. anyhow, i enjoyed my cheezy sandwich that afternoon. 

anyway, next week is already our finals which means i need to study (fingers crossed to that).  and here's what i wore yesterday. the weather here is really unpredictable. but it was really hot yesterday so i opted to wear something coachella-inspired :)


- aiken - 

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