Tuesday, August 28, 2012

OUTFIT | Bustier Top

so i just created something from polyvore last night and here's what i came up with.
lately, i've been eyeing for a bustier top that would fit me perfectly. and since i can't find one which is within my budget rate hence, the polyvore thing. so first is the "grunge" look and then the dainty one. either way, i'd be so glad to strut these looks. 
what's yours? 

just check out my polyvore for the outfit details! :))

Monday, August 27, 2012

SUMMER | i miss you

 do i looked stupid here?

oh summer, you are badly missed. all the random trips to the beach, late night sleeps and couch potato describes my summer '12. well anyway, these photos were taken last summer when my parents randomly decided to go on a road trip heading north. past lunch time before we supposedly head home, my mother suggested we pass another route, which none of us have never been to that i really have to use my phone's gprs to make sure we are on the right track. and to complete our random day, we stopped by a beach resort. none of us even brought any swim wear. i was so tempted so i bought a new one there and dove into the pool. oh, i badly need to get away and have a cool road trip. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


while i was scrolling through my phone's photo album i came across these pictures which i randomly took while i was strolling at the mall this summer while waiting for my mother to fetch me. as what you can see the materials used in making these cool designs are recycled, like the one on the first photo which is made up of plastic cups. i simply love how creatively this was done. i was too overwhelmed with all of this that i stupidly forgot to check on who was the genius behind all this. so if you guys know who did, let me know. haha
anyways, which one is your favorite? mine would be the fourth one. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

INSPIRATION | Harper Smith

first things first, i am no photography junkie or whatever. its just that harper smith's works are just incredibly amazing! don't you agree with me? i mean most of her works are just so carefree and very youthful. i don't know how you guys see it but that's how i think about her photos. she's just so amazing that i just have to share some of her works here on the blog 'cause if i don't i might burst out like a balloon admiring her works. haha she really does wonder, may it be a lookbook, an editorial, taking bruno mars' or christina perri's photo, you name it. anyway, if you are not familiar of her and her work, you can check out her website for more by clicking here

on another note, i am working on my sister's 18th birthday party. here in the phil's when a girl turns 18, its usually a big thing just like when a girl in the u.s turns sweet 16. haha and why am i telling you this? well because she asked me to do the planning and all. she wants something like burlesque-ish on her day, so if you guys have any ideas or whatsoever they are very much welcome! :))


Tuesday, August 14, 2012


inspired with zara's august 2012 lookbook. they're just lovely, aren't they? well my personal favorite: fringe dyed skirt and the laced peplum dress! :)) let me know what's your favorite?

source: zara's facebook page here


Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY | the trail

just showing you guys what my sister wore to her acquaintance party two weeks ago. she asked me what to wear for a party themed acquaintance which was glamour or geek. but knowing me, of course i'd be leaning towards the glam. this dress, which i wore on my birthday three years ago first came up to my mind (minus the black trail) because its shining and shimmering plus i felt like a dress like this shouldn't be sleeping in my closet and just go to waste. this dress might also look familiar to you because i wore it as a top on a party last march (you can check it out here) but with a mullet skirt. and since its been worn twice already i know i just have to reinvent this dress. 
 i found an extra black tulle cloth at home and so i made use of it and i sew it near the waist area of the dress and cut it to my sister's desired length and voila that's how it looks like. haha just a simple DIY to reinvent an old dress with its new black trail. what do you guys think?


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

FINALLY | TCH's 1st collection

some of you knows that my friend and i just opened an online shop called The Clothes Hunter. and just tonight we released our first collection so if you're interested you can check out our page here for more details. we would totally appreciate that. anyway, what do you think about our first line?


Friday, August 3, 2012

INSPIRATION | sweaters

its past three in the morning here as i'm typing this. and you might wonder what's this girl doing at this hour? well, aside from the obvious fact that i'm blogging, i can't sleep because after i got off early from review this afternoon i spent the rest of the day sleeping and now i decided to do "new girl" marathon. 
enough with the blabbing, i just feel inspired with all this knitted tops worn by some of my favorite bloggers. i mean they just feel so comfy and they look so hassle free plus i'll be needing them for the next five months because the cooling system of our review center is beyond what my thick skin can endure! haha 

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