Saturday, November 17, 2012


got really bored last night, so i took my camera out, which has accumulated dust for being kept in the closet for quite some time, and took some photos of my sister. both of us are not pro at any of this so that should be enough of an explanation. she's not a model, i'm not a photographer, we're just two bored sibs who wanted to kill time.

its a saturday night around here and its my friend's birthday party tonight and i'm contemplating whether i should go out or not. but i'm not feeling really well, actually for almost a week. this flu caught me. and the past  two days, i've been feeling really dizzy. so if i go out tonight, i can't drink, dance or party enough and i'll end up not enjoying the night. better stay in and rest. what d'ya think?


Saturday, November 10, 2012


i'm not talking about chukie the ugly doll but i'm talking about my chocolate drink in that carton. haha 
anyways this is what i wore yesterday because it was freakin cold when i left my place but the temperature was a little warmer in the afternoon. good thing my sweater has crochet details on the arms so the air can easily penetrate through my skin. 
 i love how my boots look. i really fancy vintage boots and i've actually been looking for a pair for quite awhile but i can't seem to afford the ones that i like. anyhow, my mom got me this pair a little after summer from PD. they're not vintage or overused but i'd like to think of it otherwise. haha just 'cause.
 oh well here i am with my epic, blurry and scary face with my failed attempt for a jump shot. haha well i guess there are always photos like this from behind the lens which you guys don't usually get to see when i post outfit shots. 

you know that feeling when you just hang out with a few friends at a coffee shop and you reminisce at how crazy you guys were back in college, you start missing everyone and then you just started calling people and they started to come over. well that's basically how my day went yesterday. chitchat, had dinner and randomly went to a movie house to watch a thai horror film! :) F-U-N!



some nights...
i think about telling you how my day went, the people i've met, the things i learned or what i have been up to. i could talk all about my dreams, people/things/places that inspires me. or i could sing to you the last song i played on my playlist, well even if i can't sing well or sing at all. i wanna tell you the title of the next book i want to read or the movies i wanna watch or the next item on my shopping list. or i could even talk about the things my mom and i have been arguing. we can discuss why i was running late or why i always am or why i keep beating the red lights or how i'd go gaga over a pair of shoes. or i could tell you how i got all these thoughts gathered up in a bubble inside my head at the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep after having a really good time with my friends. yes, i'd love to tell you all of these and a lot more but i can't even start with a simple hi.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

DIY | white or black?

 so i made this DIY for my sister's 18th birthday (you can check it out on adele's blog here). bought a ready-to-wear plain white bustier top at F21 along with the black one below and just did the bead works myself. when she wore it, it had medium size safety pins on both sides. but i had to remove them before it was sent for laundry because i was anticipating the pins to rust and i dont want to ruin the material. 
at first, i really did not have any plans on putting on some beads on this one because i want to leave it as it was. but i got bored last sunday so i took out my extra silver beads and sew them. i know i'm fickle-minded but i hope i won't end up removing them one by one. haha

so what do you think? 


Monday, November 5, 2012

fly away

  yes, this! but minus the tea. 

i am usually really fond of saving photos in my lappy especially those that inspires me. so i basically have a bunch saved in my pc in case i need a dose of inspiration like now where i just want to escape reality and free my mind from all this stress. 
right now, i am in dire need to go some place where it feels good to be anonymous, especially to places/city you've never been to. 



Saturday, November 3, 2012

OUTFIT | monochrome

went monochromatic on this outfit, peplum top + maxi skirt. i don't know why but i had this boho feel (well minus the red puckered lips) the whole time i was wearing the whole ensemble. one factor would probably because of the earth-y tone and second is how maxi skirts give off that kind of feeling and its like i feel so comfortable in this outfit that i can move around in them even in heels. and speaking of my shoes, i just had to wear them again to give life and glitter to my monochromatic theme that night plus its so comfortable. so i guess expect more of this pair on my blog. haha 
well this bag is a repeater because its the most reliable. i guess because its black and that it usually matches with almost anything.


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