Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cravings nomnom

Okay, let me remind you all that this is a very random post from me. Earlier, I was desperate enough to distract myself from class because I was so bored and I was not liking how our teacher was delivering his lecture to us so I was thinking about all my FOOD CRAVINGS and scribbled them down on my notebook. So please do forgive me for this yet another random post because I'm just trying to somehow satisfy myself from my cravings with these photos. 

And for my teacher, I'm sorry if I was not listening to you. *peace* Just please make your test questions a lot easier! :)

P.S. photos from tumblr

Monday, August 8, 2011

BTS shots: VIRUS

Last Saturday, my friends and I were lucky enough to be invited to shoot some cool pieces from Virus Boutique which is a local clothing line here in Cebu and they recently opened their shop for all shopaholics out there. So if you're around the Metro, visit them at Chatswood Avenue Bldg. 2 Unit 4 Corner Hernan Cortes/ A.S Fortuna, Mandaue City.

I along with wall of memories and style and other friends helped in styling the models for the said photoshoot. It was a very draining day, I have to run from our cottage to where the models' photos were taken (good thing I was wearing flip flops) and on the afternoon we were supposed to attend some school affair but we were inappropriately dressed so we opt to go to the nearest mall to have dinner. Anyway, here are the BTS shots and I'll be posting more photos in the coming days so keep posted.

 on the last photo we were trying on the shoes while waiting for the models :)

while the models were getting ready, we snapped some photos (along with Adele  Essa  Nica and El)

with Marla, Nica and the owner of Virus boutique, Yenny (thanks for inviting us Yen)

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- aiken -

Friday, August 5, 2011

T.G.I.S (the weekend that was)

This week is our midterms week, meaning one tough week for all of us and below is a photo diary of what we were doing the weekend before our midterms. Yes, we went out after our acquaintance party last Saturday instead of staying at home and study because knowing me and my friends, that ain't working for us. t'was indeed a T.G.I.S for us. haha

Yes, if you've noticed here, I was actually wearing a black stockings and a black Mary Janes but I took it off after we hopped from one bar after another (the first bar we went to was full packed, literally) and I changed into flat shoes because the traffic was so jammed and I was driving a manual car.

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- aiken -
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