Wednesday, November 30, 2011

24 days to go!


or this 

(the yellow one please)

(i'm size 5)

or this

okay, christmas is around the corner, practically 24 more days to go, hence the title. haha today's the last day of november and obviously tomorrow is december 1st. 
alright you guys might be wondering why some photos from my previous post are here again well it's because my friends and i have this routine every christmas party to exchange gifts and above is my wishlist. they have been asking for days already about our respective wish list and i told them i'll post them here. i actually sort them from my most wanted gift to the least one. they're all from F21, if you guys are wondering where to get them. i have been thinking of what i wanted to receive but for now this is what i could think of. just keep posted! :) HAHA 

'bye for now people. i still have a case study to finish. it was due last monday so i better finish them before my teacher decides to forfeit it. 

- aiken - 

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Saturday, November 26, 2011

forever and always

as promised, here are the photos i took last week from the opening of forever 21 here in Cebu. and yes, if it ain't obvious i was as excited as everyone else here for the opening. 
i really adore the pieces from f21. they're so hippie, young and vibrant and most especially they're so comfy. their most coveted items are shoes and accessories. and well since christmas is fast approaching, hence gift giving is if not a "must" then it would be well appreciated, so guys i'd love to receive anything from f21. they're always welcome in my closet! :D

- aiken -

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

last friday night

last friday night, our dear friend, Matt celebrated his birthday at Mr. M's. my friends and i hopped from one place to another before we finally went to matt's party.

first stop was at SM to accompany alexa and checked out the newly opened forever 21 (will post some of the photos i took when we went there and what were the items i was drooling for) and to kill time as well before the party.

second: offroads to grab some late night dinner and meet up with bajao and adele.
we went so vain in front of the mirror at the ladies' comfort room taking group pictures. haha we don't do this that much! (kidding?)

third stop: IT park christmas bazarre and wore this funny but cute angry birds hat! (but we actually looked like popes or bishops here haha)

next stop: jollibee (beside offroads)
to be able to park my car, we have to buy something at jollibee (no, actually only inday bought sundae there) sat there for a couple of minutes and left for the party to start

 the controversial couple of the night <3

couple of the night: the birthday boy and his girl, wilne :) 

went to bo's to grab some frap since most of us were getting a little drowsy already without getting enough sleep from school and duty. 

well i guess that sums up our friday night! :)
thanks again matt for the treat and belated happy birthday! :D

P.S: will post the rest of the pictures on facebook na lang, okay?

- aiken -

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