Sunday, June 5, 2011

MJP's countdown party

Last June 3rd was my friend's 19th birthday and we had a countdown party last June 2 at an Open Mic. That night everyone had a blast, there were eating, singing, dancing, laughters and booze. We waited 'til midnight to greet her a happy birthday. After that we left the place past midnight and we decided to eat something since most of us were starving then we crashed to alexa's place and we stayed there for the night. 

This was what the birthday celebrant wore to her party.

me with the birthday celebrant

The last party before the classes start or should I say before going back to hell hole. As much as I hate school, there's no more going back now because hopefully this will be our last year (fingers crossed on that). I went to the bookstore this afternoon and I hate seeing all the flyers saying "back to school", "school is cool" and blah blah blah. Anyway, I hope you guys had fun this summer. Enjoy the remaining days (or remaining hours for me) left before school starts. 


- aiken - 

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