Thursday, September 29, 2011

you promised me love

for the past few days i've been feeling really blue. you know that feeling when you just feel sad for no reason? that kind of feeling plus lately i've been listening to really sad songs. well i guess its just the weather because for the past few days, the weather's really gloomy out here and i'm feeling really sick, like literally, if I might add, why with all this cough and colds. i wish for them to just go away. anyway, the title post is actually a song by Cee Loo Green, the guy behind the hit song "Forget You". click here if you wanna listen to the song.

*P.S. photo courtesy of*

- aiken - 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

don't go chasing

Just got home from a graveyard shift and i feel like floating because i've been feeling sleepy since three this morning. I just can't imagine myself on a real job and working on a graveyard shift.

well enough with that, i feel inspired though to make a blog post today because tonight will be my last day of duty for this week (a plus factor when you're on a graveyard shift) which means i'll be free tomorrow (YAY TGIF). Made plans to have a dinner out with my friends tomorrow night; i miss my friends already though i haven't seen them for only a week (tons of things to chat about tomorrow, that's for sure). anyway, i have no idea what to wear yet and i've seen these photos saved on my lappy and i'm torn of either wearing cut off denim shorts or denim pants and whether i should wear flats or sky high heels. what do you think guys?

anyway, i should hit the hay now. been wanting to sleep since forever.

P.S photos are not mine. i usually save adorable photos that i love from the net (mostly from lookbook/tumblr/blogs) to my lappy/itouch and they usually serve as my inspiration :) and if your photos are found above, sorry for not asking your permission.

- aiken -

Monday, September 12, 2011

one fluky day

It says 7:33 AM here on my clock. haha this is probably the earliest time I posted something on my blog. Well actually I just came from my clinical duty (10 pm - 6 am shift) and I just feel so sleepy but then when I got home,  I don't feel sleepy anymore. How weird is that? Well anyway, I just feel so glad that I made it through my first day without falling asleep while on duty. So this is another random/fluky post, so please bear with me. 

This LBD I wore here is not actually mine. It's from my sister's friend. A week ago, I think, I saw this cute dress from my sister's closet, I tried it on, snap some photos and I actually liked it. It kinda made me look one size slimmer. haha So, Masako, if you ever get to read this post, sorry for wearing your dress without your consent (I don't think she knows this blog exists). 

I hope you guys have a fun and fruitful week ahead of you :)

- aiken - 

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Two days ago, I watched the movie Friends with Benefit (or FWB if the title post does not give it away) and I should say, its my new favorite movie. I know I've been blabbing about how I loved the movie to my friends and I'm pretty sure they're already sick listening to me about it but I just can't help it. It was such a feel good movie and I was just smiling watching the entire movie and because of that I watched it twice and I'm now LSS to their soundtarck: Closing Time by Matchbox 20. haha To those who haven't seen the film, you guys should really watch it and tell me what you think about it. For now let me leave you with the movie's trailer.

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