Sunday, March 31, 2013

dress on

 sunnies: Aya Mini Shop | long cardigan: WAGW | top: thrifted 
denim cut-offs: Levi's (DIY) | flats: F21

this long cardigan (similar here) is definitely one of my favorites now can be worn in many ways. i know i didn't have a good outfit shot when i first wore this one so here's a better one (i guess?) i hope i gave this really cool cardi a justice. 


dying a little inside

well as we speak, the script's manila concert is going on and i'm slowly dying a little inside. its their second time here in the philippines and i wish i booked that flight and bought that ticket a few months ago even if it meant i'll be travelling by myself and watching the concert alone. regrets are washing over me now. i just hope that on their third time here i'd be able to come. anyway, my all time favorite track from their three albums should suffice for now. 


Saturday, March 23, 2013

less is more

 pardon the crossed eye brows here. haha obviously not picture-ready. 
 button down used as dress: thrifted | running shorts: the clothes hunter | (L) & (R) rings and flats: F21 | watch: Anne Klein bag: thrifted | sunnies: aya mini shop

 i think my parents would never let me leave the house wearing just the button down so i wore this running shorts from TCH so as to prevent any peek-a-boos and giving pervs their satisfaction.

a saturday filled with meet-ups calls for a button down shirt - here used as a dress - what with the sunny and hot Philippines. since its too hot and i knew i'd be driving that day, i have to take into consideration comfort when it comes dressing and putting on accessories which is why.. LESS IS MORE.   

Friday, March 22, 2013

TCH: march-april lookbook

this was the shoot i was talking about in my previous post. it was a really quick one but i think we were able to manage it well - i guess? so glad because we were able to catch the sun at its brightest. so guys if you could just check out the clothes hunter on facebook i would really appreciate it then let me know what you think about it. thank you :*

Leigh Monique Galeos
Tresha Adele Sabordo
Ailea Jo Canice Capoy


easy breezy lazy

polarized sunnies: F21 | white tank: thrifted | denim cut-offs: Levi's | boots: Primadonna

first things first, the title post? well can't think of any decent one. haha so pardon me for that. (blogger problems, eh?) moving on, this is what i wore yesterday or the other day - since its past twelve here - during the shoot we did for the march-april lookbook of the clothes hunter (will post more of that soon). 
so i wore something really comfortable that day since it was a really busy one doing errands, shoot and off to my sister's school banquet. that busy day called for a "Jane Quimby-peg" not juggling two lives though but changing one outfit to another in my car. it was not an easy feat, trust me. 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

style watch: miley cyrus

warning: miley overload in the next succeeding pictures (if the title post still doesn't give away, which i doubt). haha so if you're anti-miley you are welcome to hit the exit button my friend.

i don't like her actually (at least i used to). but now i understand why. prolly because she's outspoken and she doesn't pretend to be someone she's not which is really rampant in their industry. well anyway, since this isn't some hollywood-gossip-related-blog. let's talk about why i opted to style stalk miley among others. (1) i like her taste in clothing. totally wearable for me. laid back and free-spirited which is a plus point. (2) just look at those legs and the bod. need i say more? (3) i adore how she looks so fuss-free with her famous "miley bun" and now donning a cool cropped hair. (4) and of course my favorite accessory of hers is her beau. with her boy in tow, drools ten times more. 
that's it. i guess.
your turn, who do you constantly style stalk?

p.s. photos: google + tumblr


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