Wednesday, February 29, 2012

once in a leap year

 our class representative for Ms. Valentines. she won first runner-up. 
gorgeous, yeah?

 cool, eh?

here's my last post before the month of february ends! #leapyear
this were all taken a few weeks ago. just one carefree night with friends. nothing could go wrong when you have to worry nothing, just to be there with your friends, drink a little, dance a little, chat and laugh a lot!! :D i wonder when can we do this again with our tight and busy schedules :<

- aiken -

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

me time

 oh look that i'm wearing pants! :) i don't usually wear one!! :D

spent the entire saturday afternoon at starbucks with myself to finish some school works. at first i planned on tagging along my cousin and my sister but i thought it wouldn't be a great idea 'cause i might end up doing nothing but chit chat. haha it wasn't my first time though to hang in a coffee shop alone but this time was kinda different 'cause mostly i don't stay long enough in coffee shops when i'm alone. truth is, i had a great time. had all the time by myself and my date (frap) :) after that, i even went to the mall to grab something for dinner before i drive back home. 
how about you guys, how was your weekend?? :))

P.S. sorry about the crappy photos. i misplaced my cam somewhere. 
haha but i found it already! 

- aiken -

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Friday, February 24, 2012

keep it stress-free

graduation day is just around the corner but hey, it's not sure yet. i mean i'm not sure of my future YET. and about my title post, well i don't think i can keep it stress-free! 
so help me GOD! 
sorry guys, if i've been ranting about how stressful my life is lately. but this is the only place where i can rant all i want, so just please bear with me. and oh for the past few days, i frequent in coffee shops but don't worry about my health, i don't always order coffee. haha i alternate it with iced tea! :D

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- aiken -

Thursday, February 23, 2012

tween days are over

i look like a bald woman here. sorry if this disturbs you. haha

white top: chocolate | harem pants & lace-up shoes: people are people

this was taken last sunday after hearing mass with my family. 

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

NEW IN: happiness

yesterday was my birthday and i was just beyond happy because all the important people in my life made it extra special *insert ear-to-ear smile here*
the three cakes above were my family and friend's surprise for me. it was a heck of a surprise, really! and the SHOES, well they are my new babies. they're my parents' gift to me! :D YAY! 


- aiken -

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