Friday, July 20, 2012

Out and About | In Haute Pursuit

last weekend, i was lucky enough to be invited by my friend, yenny - her mom owns virus boutique - to attend a resort wear fashion show at the Marriott Hotel together with three other friends. the fashion show was hosted by Solinea in cooperation with Zee Lifestyle Magazine and featuring the collections of Vania Romoff, Mia Arcenas and Havaianas. but unfortunately we came in late, you know stuck-in-traffic and cant-find-a-parking-space-reason so we didn't get to see the first part of the fashion show. nevertheless, we stayed a little longer to witness the second part. i love everything they wore on the runway, the colors were so vibrant. my favorite is the orange one (see last picture on the rack).

and again, excuse my crappy photos because i left my slr at home :) good thing, iphone captures so-so pics even when its dark. 

- aiken -


  1. Great photos, I love the colours in the dresses!
    Cara x

  2. the dresses of the second pic are so beautiful! x

  3. Awesome dresses!!!

  4. Great Photos. I follow your Blog now.
    Please follow me.

  5. Love all those pleats! Amazing collection and photos! x

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