Saturday, December 31, 2011

take yo!

 | calamares |
 | chicharon bulaklak |
 | buttered garlic shrimp |

plaid polo: Dickies/dad's closet | pink dress: HK 

so this is what i wore today, a huge plaid polo i looted from my dad's closet (again!) haha. yes, its becoming a habit already. i mean men's clothes are really easy to mix and match plus they're so comfy to wear. i swear! (it rhymes!! haha) wore this out as a cover up to my dress, which i'm not really fond of wearing, because the weather is really bipolar but i kind of predicted the weather already (like a weather forecaster :p). yeah, seriously. it drizzles in the morning, the scorching heat of the sun is unbearable in the midday and another heavy rain pours at night (actually, right now as we speak, its raining outside our house).

so its the last friday of the year and tomorrow's the new year's eve, which reminds me of the movie which i haven't watched yet. anyway, back to my post. since tomorrow's the new year's eve already, my sister and i accompanied our mom to the city as she ran errands and bought groceries for our dinner tomorrow. today was really draining, everyone was also on their last minute shopping and all shopping malls are packed. we also went to church this afternoon and i prayed for a blessed 2012 for me, my family and everyone! :)

advance happy new year guys!!!

- aiken -

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  1. I've got a similar shirt -from my boyfriend haha :) they look so cool on girls!
    Happy New Year!

  2. beautiful pics!!outfit is perfect!!!amazing blog!!!i'm following you!!if you like mine,do the same!!!happy new year!!


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