Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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shout out: happy birthday to my uncle and belated happy birthday to my mom :)

anyway, i'm back in the blogosphere. haha
for two days, i was freaking out 'cause i really thought i lost my blog 'for good'. yes, you've read it right. i don't exactly know what happened. i guess blogger was just acting up again but the thought of losing my blog really scared me. i couldn't access it, they said they couldn't find my blog. i waited for two days for it to get back to normal but nothing happened. i felt impatient waiting for nothing. i mean i don't have that much time to create a new blog plus i'm really senti when it comes to this blog. chos!

everyone, meet my sister/photgrapher.

sweater: wrangler/dad's closet | denim shorts: thrifted | flat shoes: department store | wedge: mom's 

this is a really funny pose. i accidentally tripped and my sister thought it was a cool pose. but come on, who are we kidding here? i looked really stupid here! haha just can't stop laughing.

this is my look. wore this wedge for picture taking purposes and of course i changed my footwear into those comfortable flats because i knew that we'd be going downtown and trust me no one would dare wear heels there. you'll end up looking overdressed. 

the weather here is pretty bad. the rain's been pouring so hard, another typhoon is said to hit our country anytime soon. so i just hope everyone's safe wherever they are. so anyway that is why i wore this sweater today. got this sweater from my dad's closet. this one's really old. i've seen pictures of my dad wearing this sweater way back when he wasn't married yet. yes, vintage, that's the word.

and yeah today is my uncle's birthday, yesterday was my mom's and tomorrow is another uncle's birthday. now, you've probably imagined how fat i have become over the holiday! haha well i actually gained weight but let's not get to the numbers.

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  1. Pretty photos.I love your sweat shirt and sandal;)
    Happy holiday!


  2. dear, please tell tita belated happy birthday! :D din't
    know t'was her birthday!! sarreh.. :(


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