Thursday, December 22, 2011

coffee cat

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yeah i know its been awhile since my last post, been awol for what? a week? well anyway i'm back cause i just realized i have a lot of pending posts. so here's one to make up for my absence for the past days. 

went to coffee cat after our christmas party last december 10th (yes that was also the day of our christmas party - see previous post). right after the party, we went to sm to meet some local bloggers, (kryz, laureen and camille) then mariel, mary fel and i went to my place to get a lil rest. past dinner time we followed our friends at i.t. and ate some free doughnuts (thank you ken for the kk) at krispy kreme and after everyone left we went to the night christmas bazaar to check some cool and cheap goodies, ate and played there. after we got bored we decided to try coffee cat (i've been wanting to check the place since last month) which was just a few blocks away (exactly located at J.P Morgan bldg. if i'm not mistaken). so yeah practically i was pigging out the entire day.

on the other hand, 3 more days to go before christmas here in the Phil's. and in a few days time its 2012. i'm just excited, you know. and God just gave me a lot of reasons why.
anyway, have a jolly holiday everyone! :)

- aiken -

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  1. hello pretty you! thanks for your sweeet comment!! have a happy christmas week:)

  2. Lovely photos! Have a great Christmas!

  3. ooh that looks sooo good!! very nice photos :D

  4. i like the name, coffee cat. catchy! oh it's so lovely that you spent the day with other bloggers. i also love the part where you say you're so excited and God gave you a lot of reasons why :)




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