Wednesday, November 9, 2011

young, wild and free

this is a very late post. all these photos were taken two saturdays ago and i just did not have enough time to post them because i've been really busy with a lot of stuff. school's been keeping me busy like hell (what's new, right?) especially that i'm down to the last 4 freakin' months in school. YAY!

well anyway, i went to this pre-Halloween party last October 30 at my friend's restaurant (click the link to navigate to their fb page). actually i wasn't sure i was going to this party because i thought i was going out of town with my family on that date but unfortunately all the tickets were sold out, so instead i went to this studio to have my pre-graduation picture taken with my friends (BTS shots will be posted soon). after which, we parted ways and i had lunch with my mom but then my friends called me telling me we were going to a friend's party. and to cut the long story short we did went to this Halloween party.

enough with the rants, here are the photos. 

i din't had a chance to have a decent photo of what i wore that night but this will do. haha took this while the dance floor was still empty.

- aiken -

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