Tuesday, October 25, 2011

part of me

okay, so this is a part of me, like really the private one that i'm about to share to you guys, my sketches. haha they're not beautiful, really 'cause i'm not a good artist, and one of the reason why i don't show these to anyone, only my close friends. most of these things are inspired from what i saw in fashion magazines and my favorite celebrities. so if you think those looked familiar to you, you've probably seen them in magazines. but anyway here they are. tell me what you think about them.

- aiken -


  1. They're gorgeous, te!!! ❤
    I think I saw Leighton Meester wear the third dress? Your sketches are beautiful, te!!

  2. wow mam! *hands down* ARTISTIC MAN DIAY NI AKU MIGA UY! wa man nag-saba2x. :)))
    when i saw the 4th photo, i was like--> O.O
    DMD. maauha uy! hahahaha!


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