Tuesday, October 18, 2011

blame it on the traffic

 there's no outfit post for today. actually these are just random shots i took (i used an itouch, so i guess that explains the poor quality of the photos) at a middle of a heavy afternoon traffic while i was driving my way home.  i was being resourceful i guess to snap some photos at a middle of a traffic. haha you can't blame me though 'cause i was all alone in the car with only the stereo on. if you were me, what would you do?

my L-O-V-E ring :)

yes, imagine how tired i was driving around the city with a heavy traffic. good thing i was very productive and resourceful! haha :D

well anyway, i've been feeling so tense for quite awhile already because of our thesis and right now my anxiety  has doubled or is 10x more because this thursday is our judgment day or our oral defense. i hope we'll pass this one (*fingers crossed). pray for us guys :)

- aiken - 


  1. i hate driving and traffic. . .mehh haha

  2. Is terrible when the traffic is like that! Lovely ring!!!



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