Sunday, October 2, 2011

cutter pillow

before my sister and i went out to meet our parents we took some photos at the apartment and there you see my epic fail look. haha :D

*the wonderwall*

*spot me*

so my parents went to this hardware called Cebu Home Builders to buy some stuff. since my sister and i got nothing to do inside the store, so we just strolled around and snap some photos. and if you're wondering about what the last photo above is all about, well when the driver of that hot car came out, my sister and i went gaga so the paparazzi-ish in me came out. haha

my mom enjoying her flavored tea :) 

after my parents bought everything that they needed from the hardware we hit the nearest pastry shop, fudge, featuring unique and authentic food, highlighting sinfully delicious desserts. unfortunately, it was a saturday so we were not able to eat their dessert buffet which is available only every monday-thursday. anyhow, i enjoyed my cheezy sandwich that afternoon. 

anyway, next week is already our finals which means i need to study (fingers crossed to that).  and here's what i wore yesterday. the weather here is really unpredictable. but it was really hot yesterday so i opted to wear something coachella-inspired :)


- aiken - 

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