Thursday, November 17, 2011

something new for the holidays


last weekend we received a package from my aunt and uncle. i was so ecstatic when i found out i'll be receiving a new set of make-up and i was even happier when i saw how cute the bag was, it was in an animal print. not only that, when my cousin and i opened the box, we found more animal printed bags in different sizes and wallets as well. haha never thought my aunt's so in love with animal prints. thank you guys though for the early holiday presents you sent us! :D

this is my new favorite lip shade: scarlet red and off beat pink from ever bilena. wow! they're the cheapest matte lipstick i bought.

this new pair of wedge was given to me by my mom a month ago after we found out our trip was cancelled. and oh they're the comfiest pair of shoes i owned so far :D

i think that's all for now. i'm excited for the christmas break to come. 
gifts. food. pictures. family. 
aren't you excited?

- aiken -

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