Monday, February 7, 2011


Yeah, I know right? Me too! I just think all these looks delicious and I'm craving to eat chocolates and a Vanilla Almond ice cream tonight. In fact I need lots of carbs right now! You know why? Well simply because this day was verry looong and too tiring and my back and my feet are "excruciatingly" painful. I need strength! 

Well first, I was assigned at the Minor Operating Room early this afternoon and was able to scrub for 2 cases (one after the other). And finally when the MOR finally closed at 5pm I was glad to go back to the OR with the rest of my duty mates. But an hour before we could go home I was once again assigned to scrub in for a stat case. At first I was happy but then when I saw everyone going home I lost my appetite. The whole procedure lasted for about 2 hours or so.

And right now? Well I wish I could just sleep and take a rest but I can't cause I still have to make all my requirements for the three cases I scrubbed in today.

And oh if you've noticed my blog isn't about fashion or the like but don't worry guys I won't fail you. I'll leave you with some  photos of me and some friends taken last Saturday before I start with all my requirements. Enjoy! :)

PS: More photos will be posted in the coming days about the said photo shoot. PROMISE!

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