Monday, October 29, 2012

some nights

"take as many photos of you and your best friends while you still can; look back on them 10-20 years from now because it usually feels good." 

 kisses from my lovey-debbie :*

 Angela who looked gorgeous in blue and silver that night with friend Mae. 

 the lovely Go sisters! :))

 after they filled my cam with their faces, time to snatch my phone and took more photos!

some nights? well we dress up like this! :))
spent the holiday with my friends last friday. it was a blast. well it usually is when you're with them. we were talking how we've grown up over the last four years but never matured. haha but no seriously, its like we keep adding a year to our age but we feel like we're still the old us when we first met, only wiser. 
anyway halloween is just around the corner and we're planning to have a BBQ party this wednesday. i hope we're sticking to our plans!! have a good halloween party you guys! :))



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