Friday, October 12, 2012

don't lose yourself

my love for fashion started when i was a kid. cliché, yes. i don't know when exactly but one day i just realized i love dressing up. even when i was younger, my mom trusted me with my choice of clothes. she just let me be. and even before i've always fancied wearing shorts and dresses but i'm no fan of dresses these days though. anyway, dressing myself up has never been that hard for me. i remembered how i'm always thrilled whenever we're going out because i get to dress up until today. yes, i can't even imagine it myself. no matter how much i rant about not knowing what to wear, in my mind there's always that outfit that i imagine myself in. but today, i really have nothing in mind to wear for tomorrow. been in and out of F21's dressing room for two hours fitting this and that which explains the tiled photos above. 

been really busy for the past two weeks with unworthy and lame things to blog about but this (which by the way is still lame, sorry). do forgive me about this minor problem of mine. really have nothing else to share with you yet.  but i do promise to catch up! :))



  1. I love your blog so I followed you!! :)

  2. Aw, we all have those day! Some days I just stand in my closet and stare for like ten minutes and still can't figure out what to wear!

    Love the skirt in the middle on the top - so cute!


  3. Oh wow-- love that blue skirt!! Gorgeous! Loving your blog ,definitely following! I hope you follow back!!



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