Monday, October 15, 2012

locked out of heaven

last thursday was my little sister's (who's not so little anymore) 18th birthday which was celebrated last saturday with friends and family! her birthday kept me busy for weeks. i did most of the preparation with the help of my parents and my dear friends! :)) anyway here are some pics with me and my friends that i managed to take with my cam. i'll try to post the rest of the photos when the photographer will send us their copy! 

 went to the venue a few hours earlier to prep and help the caterer and the band with the lay-out of the place. and was so lucky to catch this breathtaking view with the sundown. 

 Alexa Go, the bomb who graciously did my sister's make up and 'do. thanks mucho te lex! :*

 the sexy blogger, Adele, who really helped me out with all the preparation!

 Mariel and Kenneth were also there to help us with the last minute prep! :* 



  1. Those cakes look amazing, I really want a wedding cake like that for my b-day I love your outfit, you look gorgeous :)

    Rose x

  2. great photos!


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