Sunday, April 10, 2011


Yesterday afternoon, Saturday, I was with friends (same old friends from my other posts :]) at SM Starbucks and guys to tell you honestly I'm not supposed to be there 'cause obviously I should be somewhere else (like on duty? hush!) but then I have to make my requirements which is due on Monday. There was actually less writing and more talking, laughing, eating and taking photos. So when I went home last night I was procrastinating in  getting them done so I slept late or early at around 4AM but no, I'm still not done. :(

This is my friend, Alexa, we actually had to tape her mouth 'cause she was so talkative when all of us were so busy with what we were doing. No, actually she did that to herself. HAHA love you lex! <3

I also received a free tutorial on photography from my dear friend, Mary Fel. Thanks day! xoxo :)(check out her blog too by clicking her name and tell me what you think about her photos)

Yes, you can say stripes was the theme of the day. Actually when Mariel (above) and I fetch Alexa from their house she was actually wearing black & white striped top just like Mariel's but she changed quickly when she saw what Mariel was wearing. HAHA

This was not actually what my shoes originally looked like. It was plain white. But my friend accidentally spilled her coffee on my left shoe. So we decided to do the same with the right shoe. HAHA what d'ya think?

Blue Striped Top: People Are People
Denim cut-offs: Thrifted


  1. Cute photos! You guys look like you had fun :)

  2. I like the oversized top! :-)

    Thank you for the sweet comment, dear! I think you forgot to click the follow button though? Hihi. Will follow you also! :-)

  3. hahaha neat trick on the shoes!


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