Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Holy Week

Last Holy Week, I spent quality time with my family. The entire week I haven't used my phone nor opened my laptop to surf the net! (YAY!) And I'm very proud of myself because of that, I never imagined myself endure a week not doing either of the two. Well I guess its something you have to sacrifice just for a week compared to what others have been through, right?

Anyway, if you commemorate the Holy Week, you have probably done some visita Iglesia, praying the rosary, and the like. Just like my family, we went to this place called Q Park. It's actually a vast and remote area, 200 hectares to be exact, that you have to endure trekking under the scorching heat of the sun just to reach the stations of the cross and their shrine. But anyway, it was all worth it because the place was so captivating. You guys should visit there if you have time, no entrance fee and you can have camping there with your friends and family! :)

My cousin's cute statement shirt!

with my mom :)

Sorry, this was the only descent picture I had.

me, feeding myself, AGAIN!

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