Monday, August 13, 2012

DIY | the trail

just showing you guys what my sister wore to her acquaintance party two weeks ago. she asked me what to wear for a party themed acquaintance which was glamour or geek. but knowing me, of course i'd be leaning towards the glam. this dress, which i wore on my birthday three years ago first came up to my mind (minus the black trail) because its shining and shimmering plus i felt like a dress like this shouldn't be sleeping in my closet and just go to waste. this dress might also look familiar to you because i wore it as a top on a party last march (you can check it out here) but with a mullet skirt. and since its been worn twice already i know i just have to reinvent this dress. 
 i found an extra black tulle cloth at home and so i made use of it and i sew it near the waist area of the dress and cut it to my sister's desired length and voila that's how it looks like. haha just a simple DIY to reinvent an old dress with its new black trail. what do you guys think?



  1. Very interesting blog! ))) I follow You! Welcome to my blog: Xoxo, Kate

    1. oh that's so sweet dear! i totally appreciate that thanks!! :))


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