Friday, June 8, 2012


its official, rainy season is finally here in this side of the world! and as we speak, heavy rain is pouring outside. and well this is what you're going to expect from me: wearing some comfy and loose sweater + pjs/leggings/boxers + ear-candy music + good book + movie marathon = lazy cat! i mean don't you agree with me? when it rains, its just like you're completely on it and you just wanna snuggle in the comforts of your bed, feel the moment and get lazy the entire day. and to those who are not loving the rain, i don't know but there's really nothing you can do about it guys, at some point you have to embrace the cold weather and say goodbye to the heat! speaking of that, summer '12 you will surely be missed; which also reminds me to post a lil photo diary of my summer :))
and with the rain outside, i hope everyone stays safe and always bring with you an umbrella!

- aiken -


  1. Very nice photo!

    Kisses from Italy


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