Friday, August 5, 2011

T.G.I.S (the weekend that was)

This week is our midterms week, meaning one tough week for all of us and below is a photo diary of what we were doing the weekend before our midterms. Yes, we went out after our acquaintance party last Saturday instead of staying at home and study because knowing me and my friends, that ain't working for us. t'was indeed a T.G.I.S for us. haha

Yes, if you've noticed here, I was actually wearing a black stockings and a black Mary Janes but I took it off after we hopped from one bar after another (the first bar we went to was full packed, literally) and I changed into flat shoes because the traffic was so jammed and I was driving a manual car.

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- aiken -


  1. Love your rings it's adorable. Good luck on midterms.

  2. Trank you baby :D
    Nice blog
    I folling you too :D
    Bêzo Lilla


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