Thursday, May 12, 2011


Delikate Rayne (Delicate Rain) just recently launched their clothing line: "Everything Is What It Isn't, the Illusions Collection" and above are few of their collection that you might be interested with. I personally love their cropped tops because they're cool and amazing plus their collection also features asymmetrical cuts and ambigram graphics. Ofcourse this is made possible by the founders of this collection, the duo sisters, Komie and Meg Vora. 

P.S. Thanks to Komie for her sweet mail and allowing me to feature their collection on my blog! :)

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  1. Hi, Aiken.. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving comments on my blog..

    I've put your blog link to my link list.. and following you via bloglovin and google so I could get notified when you're updating your blog..

    Anyway, I love the cropped top.. Never worn any of them. Should I buy one? :D

  2. hello aiken.. ;) thanks for the comments.. i followed u by the way ;)

    wow i love their collection.. really fierce and chic yet casual.. :) and you have a great style by the way.. :) looking forward for more of your posts.. ;)

  3. nice collection, i love the 3rd picture, the black tank-top is superb...are they sell world wide? :)

  4. @anti: yes they are. they will be launching their online shop soon. so keep posted! :)

  5. Such gorgeous pieces, love Delikate Rayne!

  6. i want almost everything from this collection.



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