Saturday, May 28, 2011


(Eiffel tower necklace)

(camera necklace)

(owl connector ring)

Sorry for the lack of post but anyway I'm here now with my new accessories (actually mine and my sister's 'cause we practically share almost everything) bought by my mom and my sister last week. So I took a photo of my new favorites. I used to fancy dazzling and oversized rings way back in highschool and now that excessorize (my term for wearing tons of accessories all at once)is trending I'm also trying to collect new accessories to spice up my every look. So you guys expect me to wear them more often.

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  1. They're so beautiful.. I love the eiffel tower necklace :)

  2. such gorgeous photography ! x

  3. Great photos on the accessories! I have a similar Eiffel Tower necklace :-) Hope you post more entries like this, love it!:-) So am following you now!:-) Visit mine and perhaps follow if you like it!:-)



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