Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Miss Careless


So my song for today would be Good Life by One Republic as you can see from my blog title and video post above. Why? Well, because a lot of things happened today and this song just kind of uplift my spirit in a way. First, there's a construction going on at our house and while I was on my way to our garage, my left foot fell inside a big hole. (JACKPOT!) Good thing there was a wide wooden thing placed horizontally and my left arm was able to grip on it but my arm pit hurts so bad.

Today I was supposed to meet some classmates for our thesis at 9 AM and while I was driving my way to school I got a text message from my group mate. He said that if I haven't left the house yet, I should not bother go to school anymore because the meeting was already done. And I was like whaaaaaat? So I checked the details of the message, the time says like around 10:20. I double checked the time from my other phone(the one I used to wake me up this morning) it says 8:30. Of course I was confused; so I triple checked and found out that it was indeed 10 AM. I realized that my other phone (the one I used as an alarm clock) was more or less 2 hours late. But I still went to school anyway. (but was 3 hours late)

Why 3 hours? First, its a 1 hour drive from our house to our school. Second, my mom called and asked me to fetch my sister first from their school 'cause she was not feeling well. When I reached there I couldn't find her. I went looking for her from all the seniors classroom but not a single person was there because everyone was out for the graduation practice. I kept looking and searched for the school infirmary but I didn't know where it was until finally the seniors were dismissed for their lunch break and viola my sister was there. And when we were heading out from the parking lot, dang! I accidentally hit the grills of the school's mini garden. Fortunately, nothing happened to their grills but when I checked the back of the car, it was severely damaged! And of course my mom was so furious about it.

When I reached school, we waited for our teacher to give us the final draft of our output so we could pass he hardbound copy and we'll finally be cleared. But we failed, she was even mad at us. 

(SIGH) Really not a good day for me. I hope you guys had a good one!

- aiken - 

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