Thursday, March 10, 2011


HELLO guys? OMG! it's been a while and i haven't updated my blog. I've been AWOL for weeks already; well, only because I've been so busy with all the things going on in school for the past days and you have no idea what I truly mean by busy! (like REALLY BUSY) For the benefit of those who do not know, I'm a nursing student and for two weeks we were doing things not so Nursing-ish. I mean we were coming up with this magazine for one of our subjects and I'm really excited for the final output 'cause it's a FASHION MAGAZINE.Some became editors, photographers, stylist, MUA and guess what my role was? Drum roll please. . . a photo editor! YEAH! haha I'm not really into editing but for school's sake, I did. Feeling like a pro, though. Ha!:P

Anyway, this afternoon we were back to our Nursing-ish routines. We had integration in the morning in preparation for our finals next week (another stressor) and also had our first revalida. And I'm way too happy today cause I PASSED! Thank God! :)

Anyway, I've been looking for a good wedge for like months and I haven't bought one. Everytime I go to a shoe store and attempt to buy one, I always end up hesitating and I don't know why. That's why I'm posting photos of wedges, instead.

Yeah, I know, enough with the talking. I'm just trying to make it up! :)


- aiken - 

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