Saturday, January 29, 2011


The days are dragging so fast. Next week is already February which means my 19th birthday is near and I still have no plans but I'm excited for my parents' birthday presents though. But anyway, after my birthday comes our Garland Ceremony which will probably be a week after my birthday.

So if you're asking what the said ceremony is about, it's basically like a highschool Junior and Senior's prom and the Juniors will pay for the Seniors except for their outfit ofcourse! (we're not that rich, you know!)

I have this major problem! Each time I open other people's blogs I always get reminded of what to wear on our Garland and I certainly have no idea what to wear or maybe I did but a little confused for that matter. So, as you can see on the first photo, our theme this year will be Shakespear's Midsummer Night's Dream. My brain, my pen and my sketchpad's not cooperating very well right now. I've already helped out my friend for her outfit and I can't wait for it to get done. But oh please goddess of style and fashion please, please do help me! So what do you say? The photos above are some of my inspiration on what to wear. Got any suggestions? I would greatly appreciate it. THANKS.

(PS:photos above are from some of my favorite bloggers)


  1. i like the first picture mam :)

  2. the first one is gorgeous! the best, actually
    : )

  3. the first, the last and coury's are awesome, kin. :)



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