Saturday, June 1, 2013

style stalk: kate lanphear

does the name ring a bell? i don't know about you but i'm seriously in love with her. this drop dead gorgeous woman sporting chopped hair with slouchy and grungy looks is none other than Elle USA's style director. i've got a bunch of photos stacked in separate folders of people i religiously style stalk (e.g: Miley Cyrus, MK-O, Vanessa Hudgens) and she's obviously one of them. its june 1st and i think it is but fitting to start the first day of the month with tons of inspiration, right?
i'd be very talkative today if i wanted to, started my day really early to do something important (life-changing) and now i'm sitting in a coffee shop people watching, making this post and doing and Arrow marathon. YES, kill time. i should go now before i bore you (more).


photos: Google


  1. Fierce! Loving all of these pieces!!
    xo TJ

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