Sunday, May 12, 2013

my wonderwall

this woman had me when she was very young and i am so amazed of how she stood strong and independent despite getting married and having a child at a very young age. she taught me everything i needed to know. she's a really tough woman. she has put up a lot with me which i am very thankful. i am who i am now because of her. she's inspired me to be better even do the things her way. i may sometimes doubt what she says but at the end of the day, mothers always know what 's best for her children, proven and tested a million times. you've said a lot of empty threats at me when you disapprove of what i do and that's because you love me. she's my best critic. my confidante. my bestfriend (or frie-n-emy). my wonderwall. MY MOTHER. i love you beyond words and more than you can imagine. i may disagree with you most of the time but know always that you are understood and i take your words by heart. mom, you may not be reading this now but i'm gonna make you proud and i'll try to give back all the love you've shown me.



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thank you for dropping a comment, it means a lot :) link your blog and i'll try to visit them.

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