Friday, April 19, 2013

jelly bean

back from my short hiatus. and you'd probably guessed where i have been the past few days. unfortunately no, not from coachella (i wish i was, though). but i've been drooling over the pictures from the internet watching all these hippies enjoying the taste of good music from indio. thank goodness to all social networking sites and my fave bloggers for all the photos and keeping me up to date. 
anyway, i'm not giving up my dreams. i'll be in coachella someday. *fingers crossed*



  1. interesting picks! Maybe we could follow eachother, I already followed u on GFC
    would you girls also take a look at my blog too:) I'm a newbie I follow back all my followers, thanks ;)


thank you for dropping a comment, it means a lot :) link your blog and i'll try to visit them.

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