Saturday, November 10, 2012


some nights...
i think about telling you how my day went, the people i've met, the things i learned or what i have been up to. i could talk all about my dreams, people/things/places that inspires me. or i could sing to you the last song i played on my playlist, well even if i can't sing well or sing at all. i wanna tell you the title of the next book i want to read or the movies i wanna watch or the next item on my shopping list. or i could even talk about the things my mom and i have been arguing. we can discuss why i was running late or why i always am or why i keep beating the red lights or how i'd go gaga over a pair of shoes. or i could tell you how i got all these thoughts gathered up in a bubble inside my head at the middle of the night when i couldn't sleep after having a really good time with my friends. yes, i'd love to tell you all of these and a lot more but i can't even start with a simple hi.


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