Monday, September 24, 2012

OUTFIT | something good can work

yesterday's look.
went to my old school yesterday morning (so proud of myself for waking up early on a sunday morning, i tell you. haha) to attend our friends' oath taking ceremony. we were one heck of  "stage friends" (if there's such a thing), you can't blame us though. we were just so hyped and proud of our friends who finally made it and are now officially RNs.
anyway, the ceremony calls for something formal/smart casual outfit. so i decided to wear this pink dress. i don't really go for well-thought or structured looks but if anyone would ask me how i would describe my style, i really can't answer that. i mean with all honesty i think i am still exploring. which is quite good so far. and about the earrings, i don't normally wear one so yesterday was totally an exception. 
i think i have to end my post here. going to get some nap before i head out for review. have a great week ahead of you guys! :)



  1. cute dress, U look lovely :)


  2. I would really like your post ,it would really explain each and every point clearly well thanks for sharing.

    Ray Grimm

  3. your little glitter flats are as adorable as you are!

    stop by for a visit,

    lydia from vintage2vogue


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