Sunday, May 20, 2012


so how long has it been since my last post? (do the math haha) quite awhile. 
a lot of things happened from my hiatus. yes, i mean it. so be prepared for a lot of rantings in this post, i sure did miss blabbing in this lil blog of mine.
so imagine, i just got out of college (which was #1 on my bucket list for this year), like finally graduate with a degree which i actually almost didn't for a lot of reasons but hey, i did make it; finished our thesis and received our diplomas; finally reunited with my 2 h.s bestfriends whom i haven't seen in ages, although in a really not pleasing time of our lives; other not-school-related stuffs i'd either be enjoying my time being a home buddy, going to the beach since its summer, spending some quality time with ze fam bam and finally went to camotes island with my friends which was actually i think the only time i made time for them (we kinda planned this trip before graduation).
i guess that sums it up and other things are so irrelevant. 

and oh, i just recently signed up on instagram, so while i was on hiatus, i also made sure to post stuff there for my whereabouts. follow me @aikenaaxx :D
anyway, here are some of my photos.

- aiken - 


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