Thursday, September 15, 2011

don't go chasing

Just got home from a graveyard shift and i feel like floating because i've been feeling sleepy since three this morning. I just can't imagine myself on a real job and working on a graveyard shift.

well enough with that, i feel inspired though to make a blog post today because tonight will be my last day of duty for this week (a plus factor when you're on a graveyard shift) which means i'll be free tomorrow (YAY TGIF). Made plans to have a dinner out with my friends tomorrow night; i miss my friends already though i haven't seen them for only a week (tons of things to chat about tomorrow, that's for sure). anyway, i have no idea what to wear yet and i've seen these photos saved on my lappy and i'm torn of either wearing cut off denim shorts or denim pants and whether i should wear flats or sky high heels. what do you think guys?

anyway, i should hit the hay now. been wanting to sleep since forever.

P.S photos are not mine. i usually save adorable photos that i love from the net (mostly from lookbook/tumblr/blogs) to my lappy/itouch and they usually serve as my inspiration :) and if your photos are found above, sorry for not asking your permission.

- aiken -

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